One Day More (Night Watch)

Vimes: One day more! Another day, another destiny, on this never-ending road to present day. Carcer knows I know his crime--he'll surely come a second time. One day more!
Young Sam: There sure are mobs about today. Sarge, what happens once the fighting's started?
Vimes: One day more.
Assorted Watchmen: Sarge, will this go all the way? If we're the Watch, will we be targets?
Vetinari: One more night all on my own.
Mrs Rutherford: Will we be murdered in our beds?
Vetinari: One more night of stealth and daring.
Mrs Rutherford: Give me back my dining set!
Vetinari: Soon Lord Winder I'll dethrone.
Young Sam: They say Snapcase is our man.
Vetinari: And they'll never see me there!
Rosie: We do NOT support free love.
Vimes: How about a hard-boiled egg?
Reg Shoe: When our ranks begin to form!
Mossy Lawn: Can't I get any sleep at all?
Reg Shoe: Will you take your place with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
All: The time is now. The day is here!
Vimes: One day more!
Carcer: One more day to revolution, we will nip it in the bud! I will keep an eye on Vimesy, and they'll wet themselves with blood!
Vimes: One day more!
CMOT Dibber: Sausage onna bun, sausage onna bun. Genuine pig product and it's second to none! Absolutely pig! Not a trace of stoat! Give you such low prices that I'll cut me throoooooat!
Young Sam: One day to a new beginning!
Reg: Raise the flag of freedom high!
All: Every man will be a king!
Vimes: Just shut up about the kings!
All: There's a new world for the winning!
Madam: There's a new world to be won.
All: Do you hear the people sing?
Dai Dickens: My place is here; I fight with you!
Vimes: One day more!
Watchmen: Sarge, there's soldiers on the way
Vetinari: One more day all on my own.
Watchmen: Are we gonna get in trouble?
Carcer: I will capture some informants, I will give them quite a show. They will tell me all their secrets. I will know the things they know!
Vimes: One day more!
Watchmen: It really will go all the way...
Carcer: One more day to revolution, we will nip it in the bud. We'll be ready for these watchmen--
CMOT Dibbler: Sausage on a bun, sausage on a tray! Prices are so low it's getting thrown away!
Vimes: Tomorrow I'll be far away...tomorrow is the judgement day
All: Tomorrow we'll discover what Dunmanifestin has in store! One more dawn! One more day! One day moooooooore!
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